Cheese me,

Uniquely arranged cheeses and meats for your next gathering.

Our charcuterie boards

Wanting to step up your charcuterie game with a personalized cheeseboard for your next gathering, date, event, or party? Look no further. We take the guesswork out of charcuterie boards by hand-creating unique platters with fresh and seasonal cheeses, aged meats, organic fruits and vegetables, and tasty crackers.

Seasonal Specials

Pumpkin Spice. Summer Fruits. Peppermints. We stay up to date!

Personalized For You

Decorations. Stenciling. Personal Notes. No two are the same! 

Event Grazing

Grazing Tables. Charcuterie Cones. We got you covered!

What our customers are saying about us
"As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love meats, cheeses, and wine. I also like feeling fancy. One day I came upon CheeseMe on a friend’s Instagram feed and was blown away at their products."
- Michael Brant
“Cheese Me Charcuterie is a Cheese lovers dream. delicious assortments of cheese and meat in the perfect size options. they can count me as a lifelong customer."
- Jessica meredith
I've tried a few different charcuterie companies in Chula vista, but Cheese me is by far the best! they're so creative and professional. the quality is unmatched!"
-Isabella De Murgia

Grazing options